The Leak Stopper – and More!

The First Choice for Fast, Reliable Mechanical Repairs.

Available in unique, convenient ENECON® ‘A – Packs.’

METALCLAD SpeedAlloy is a quick curing, 100% solids, polymeric ‘leak stopper’ used for making fast, effective repairs to equipment which must be returned to service almost immediately.

METALCLAD SpeedAlloy has a paste consistency when first mixed then transforms into a metal-hard composite in just minutes.

  • Quick Curing
  • Trowelable
  • Requires No Heat
  • Unlimited Shelf Life
  • 100% Solids
  • Safe & Simple To Use
ABS Type Approved Product
Korean Register Approved Product

Technical Data

Volume capacity per 167gm "A Pack"
4.3 in3 / 72 cc
Mixed density
0.085 lbs per in3 / 2.33 gm per cc
Coverage rate per "A Pack" @ 0.25 in / 6mm
17.2 in2 / 0.012 m2
Shelf life
Volume Solids
Mixing ratio Base Activator
By Volume 1 1
By Weight 2 1

Working Life and Cure Times

Ambient Temperature Working Life Machining Light Load Full Mechanical Chemical Immersion
41°F 5°C 10 min. 60 min. 2 hrs. 72 hrs.
59°F 15°C 7 min. 45 min. 1 hrs. 48 hrs.
77°F 25°C 5 min. 30 min. 40 min. 36 hrs.
86°F 30°C 3 min. 20 min. 30 min. 24 hrs.

Physical Properties

Typical Values Test Method
Compressive strength 22,500 psi 1575 kg/cm2 ASTM D-695
Flexural strength 16,100 psi 1125 kg/cm2 ASTM D-790
Izod impact strength 1.3 ft lbs/in 0.69 j/cm ASTM D-256
Hardness - Rockwell R-90   ASTM D-785
Hardness - Shore D 84 ASTM D-2240
Tensile Shear Adhesion    
Steel 2300 psi 161 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Aluminum 2100 psi 147 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Copper 2250 psi 158 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Stainless Steel 1800 psi 126 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Surface resistivity 1 x 1015 ohms ASTM D-257
Volume resistivity 1 x 1015 ohm/cm ASTM D-257
Dielectric constant 7.5 ASTM D-150

Chemical Resistance

Acetic acid (0-10%) EX Methyl alcohol G
Acetic acid (10-20%) G Methyl ethyl ketone G
Acetone G Nitric acid (0-10%) EX
Aviation fuel EX Nitric acid (10-20%) G
Butyl alcohol EX Phosphoric acid (0-5%) EX
Calcium chloride EX Phosphoric acid (5-10%) G
Crude oil EX Potassium chloride EX
Diesel fuel EX Propyl alcohol EX
Ethyl alcohol G Sodium chloride EX
Gasoline EX Sodium hydroxide EX
Heptane EX Sulfuric acid (0-10%) EX
Hydrochloric acid (0-10%) EX Sulfuric acid (10-20%) G
Hydrochloric acid (10-20%) G Toluene G
Kerosene EX Xylene EX

EX - Suitable for most applications including immersion
G - Suitable for intermittent contact, splashes, etc.

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