Repair and waterproofing for masonry structures.
The jobsite leak plugger that stops running water in under 60 seconds!

ENECRETE WP is a cementitious, one component, extremely fast setting product with the ability to stop running water through masonry structures. It is designed to be mixed with water and to set within one minute.

ENECRETE WP’s unique properties enable it to stop leaks and running water:

  • Sets in one minute
  • Develops strength immediately
  • Chemically resistant
  • Does not shrink or expand significantly
  • Has excellent freeze-thaw resistance
  • Exhibits thermal expansion properties similar to concrete

ENECRETE WP is easy to use in the field under adverse conditions:

  • Sets in one minute
  • Just add water, no other additives!
  • It can be mixed with a gloved hand, no mixing equipment required.
  • Fast and simple surface preparation.
  • The application technique to stop water takes only minutes to master.

ENECRETE WP combines the most advanced accelerators with special volume stabilizing additives to provide the fastest and most extraordinary leak stopping technology available.

ENECRETE WP is used to stop running water, patch defective masonry and grout bolts and anchors.

Remember – ENECRETE WP is the water plugging component of our leak and seep stopping system – see information on ENECRETE WS (the water sealer) to seal walls and floors against dampness and seepage...

Technical Data

Volume capacity per kg.
565 cc / 35 in3
Mixed density
1.77 gm/cc or 0.064 lbs/in3
Shelf life
18 Months in unopened, original containers.
Working Time
30 Seconds
Final Set
45-90 Seconds
Mixing ratio Powder Water
By Volume 3.0 1
By Weight 3.6 1

Physical Properties

Typical Values Test Method
Compressive strength 1 hour = 1,000 psi ASTM C-109
  1 Day = 3,500 psi ASTM C-109
  1 Month = 5,000 psi ASTM C-109

UPC Information

GTIN U.P.C. Product Description Product Industry Packaging Status Label SKU
00850013538003 850013538003 ENECRETE WP 1 x 15 kg General Each In use EC-600

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