Cavitation Problems — Cavitation is defined as the localized flashing or boiling of the liquid being pumped. Bubbles or cavities form in the liquid due to vaporization of the liquid. This occurs when the local static pressure on the liquid drops below the vapor pressure of the liquid. When those bubbles flow into a zone of higher pressure, they collapse or implode. These implosions can produce pressures high enough to cause small pieces of the metal (even stainless steel) to break out of the surface, forming characteristic “craters” in the metal.

  • FLEXICLAD DuraTough DP is a trowelable paste consistency elasto-ceramic composite that can be used to rebuild areas damaged by severe cavitation.
  • FLEXICLAD DuraTough DL begins to harden in just seconds and cures in minutes.

ENECON’s FLEXICLAD DuraTough Systems have been specifically designed and engineered to help protect metal surfaces from the effects of cavitation. The U.S. Navy has selected FLEXICLAD DuraTough to protect the rudders as well as other components on their latest class of Aegis destroyers (DDG’s) since 1995.