Italian Navy Pump Casing and Impeller Repair Using ENECON Products

After 90 years of service, this cast iron pump casing and impeller had severe corrosion and erosion damage. The Italian Navy facility thought they would need to purchase a brand new pump costing them about $100,000. ENECON was able to provide a rebuild and repair solution using a variety of different products for just less than 10% of the replacement price.

The pump casing was first grit blasted to clean the surface of all excess debris before being “primed” with CHEMCLAD SC. Next, the deep pitted cavities were filled with DuraQuartz, and the entire surface received two coats of CeramAlloy CL+AC. The outside of the casing received two protective layers of CHEMCLAD SC.

To repair the damaged impeller, DurAlloy was used to rebuild the surface, followed by two coats of CeramAlloy CL+AC to provide durable protection from future erosion and corrosion damage.

The entirety of the project was carried out at ENECON Italia’s workshop in Naples, as ENECON provided them with the economical and effective solution.


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