Pitting Repair on Military Sealift Command Vessel

When a previous repair on this Military Sealift Command vessel was failing, they contacted ENECON for a more durable solution.

The MSC vessel, weighing fifty tons, measuring 50 ft. long, and 31 inches in diameter. To begin, the old repair and residual contaminates had to be removed by extensive heating and washing of the shaft. Once the surface was clean, the area was grooved and threaded before wrapping the shaft edges with strips of rubber. Once bonded, the repair was carried out with the use of DurAlloy, to rebuild the shaft to the height of the rubber strips. Once hardened, the area was machined to the required contours before being accepted by the surveyor on site.

Shortly after the repair, one of the slings used to remove the shaft from the lathe had accidentally fallen on the repaired area. Shop personnel were sure that the repair just completed would be damaged, but to their surprise the DurAlloy withstood the impact and the repair still in perfect condition.

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